Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

Quite possibly my FAVORITE ANIME, if I may be perfectly honest. I've read the entire manga from pt 1 to pt 8, I've been reading pt 9, and I've seen the whole anime, and played a lot of the games, and I'm reading Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe now. (Hopefully will read Purple Haze Feedback and some of the other spinoffs soon) I even own a copy of Manga In Theory And Practice!

I think we should just go through part by part tbh~

Part 1: Phantom Blood

Jonathan Joestar

My husband's favorite Joestar!!! He's so underrated oml

HE'S SO LARGE! what an absolute uNIT

I'd ask him to crush my head like sparrow's egg between thighs, but he never would because he's a MOTHERFUCKING GENTLEMAN.

I know he's design-wise very similar to Kenshiro from Fist Of The North Star. Kenshiro is hot too. But doesn't quite cut it as a husbando unfortunately. I like Jonathan a lot more.

Robert E.O. Speedwagon


"Not all men" you're right, SPEEDWAGON WOULD NEVER.


bow down to best girl. even in figure form he's so cute. he's so loyal and kind, he would be the perfect husband.

Part 3: Stardust Crusaders

Jotaro Kujo



This is Jotaro Kujo!!! I'm fucking obsessed with him!!! He's such a douchebag!!!! If he called me a bitch I'd thank him for it!!!

I'm going to shove my face in between his titties. if I die there I'll be happy.

deadass my version of this picture would refuse to change size even after i resized it to be REALLY SMALL. fujpnsfg;oerjng;iapjngio i'm so fucking mAD just like jotaro though

anyway though that's his iconic pose!!! very muted compared to other jojo poses

He looks just as handsome on the new Jojonium covers, where Araki-sensei drew him in his more 'modern' Jojolion-ish art style.

What's so great about him? Let me count the ways

1. HOT

2. Autistic king


4. He becomes a dilf later

5. I think him and Kakyoin have buttsex when no one's looking

6. He told Joseph, Polnareff, AND Dio to fuck off. king

7. yeah i'm a joseph hater. so what

8. not a polnareff hater thogh he's just fun to dunk on

Oh, and abou that DILF thing....


he becomes kind of a fashion disaster in stone ocean

Fun fact: i'm an OG jojo fan from back when this OVA, the capcom fighting game, and the original editions of the Part 3 manga were all you had in the US. I didn't even know there were other parts until the TVA came out. This OVA is aesthetic asf and any frame of it can be in your vaporwave music video if you believe hard enough.

Nah seriously I'm obsessed with him. He's my fave Joestar even though Part 3 isn't my favorite part anymore.

His design was kinda weird in the first few pages.

I love delinquent characters in anime.

And we have to talk about his stand.

Just for a little bit anyway.

Mmmfgmmfg i love joot so much