Sebastian-ouji's Husbandos (and more...) Shrine

About Me

Who am I?

My name is Sebastian.

My age is... a secret~ well, I'm a vampire, you know...

I'm an Irish/German-American.

My parents are from Europe. As a result, growing up I didn't celebrate some American holidays outside of Independence Day.

I'm a Gemini

I'm transgender.

That said, I still am very in tune with my female side.

I'm gay. I only like women when they cross-dress.

... but I REALLY like men. seriously. obviously.

In real life I own a restaurant and I'm married (no children). I travel a lot. I read a lot (fantasy, horror, and romance novels, and comics of course), watch TV (mostly anime and old scifi), play video games, and listen to music. I have a lot of music on vinyl and cassette.

I cosplay and draw and do other weeb stuff.

My favorite band is Pink Floyd, my favorite anime is Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, my favorite book is The Wind In The Willows, my favorite video game is EarthBound

That's probably all I'm okay with sharing. You can learn more about me just buy exploring the shrine.

Thanks for visiting!