Sebastian-ouji's Husbandos (and more...) Shrine

November 23rd, 2023

Quick update to say I added an About Me Section to the site. I would prefer not to stay anonymous but I figured I can share some details about myself. More Jojo will be done over the weekend! (let's hope...)

Happy Thanksgiving to USA people. I live there but I don't celebrate it (you can find out if you visit my About Me above!!! see you have a reason to go there now.)

Even so I'm going to make pizza with my husband and watch Mystery Science Theater (my favorite show) like I do every year.

I wish I had cable so I could catch ENHYPEN and the Luffy balloon in the Macy's Day Parade, but I can watch it online.

Anyway, I may actually focus on making sure fonts and links are consistent before I add any more husbando stuff.

PS: Thanks for 3,000 views!

November 18th, 2023

Doing a bit of work on the site today after spending some time at a local convention. I have a surprise to post in the Jojo section after tomorrow! I made a few more updates to the Jojo section today and finished the Phantom Blood part of it. I'm gonna be going through my Jojo picture folder to find some great pics of my husbandos because when I was reading the manga I took a lot of screencaps.

I'm watching the debuts for the new Holostars-EN today. I think Jurard is my absolute favorite. He's soooo hot...

I've also been collecting k-Pop photocards. When I eventually get to the real people tab of the shrine, I'm gonna go more into details about k-pop (j-pop/rock too) and maybe show some of my photocards off.

Finally.... I watched Castlevania Nocturne and... it sucked. I fucking hated it. I LOVED the first two seasons of the Castlevania tv show and I hated what they did for Rondo Of Blood. This shrine is for positivity only so I won't be going into that (EXCEPT TO SAY that my complains have nothing to do with characters like Annette, Olrox, etc. not being white, I don't care! Nocturne Olrox was actually HOT ASF and may get an honorable mention)

Thing is, since I hated it, I'm debating changing the site banner to remove Nocturne Richter... idk yet though... i really love my banner.

See everyone later for now. I'm gonna try to post more of the Part 3 section of the Jojo shrine tomorrow with a huge surprise!

October 22nd, 2023

Sorry for lack of updates for A WHOLE MONTH. I didn't forget about the site.

I took a much-needed vacation with my husband, and I've also been preparing for Halloween, my favorite holiday~ But this difficult year refuses to let up. A family member I was particularly close to passed away while I was on vacation, I lost my favorite roll-on perfume and my Stranger Things lipstick, and I got sick. (Not life-threatening or permanent but don't wish to get into it!

I've been playing Baldur's Gate 3 and Genshin Impact. Both of those are really fun. Mostly though I've still been reading. Right now I'm reading 'Fragile Things' for the first time.

I'm now working on the JJBA section of the site which you can see here.

September 22nd, 2023

Thank you for 2,000 views!

Feeling a little better these days. Been too busy to work on the shrine with Fall and Halloween around the corner.

My computer isn't being as finnicky so I have access to some of the Gundam pics I needed for the Gundam area now, so I've managed to knock out that section of the site. Jojo's Bizarre Adventure is next!

I'm also experimenting with some new fonts; the old cursive font is pretty, but like most calligraphy, it is too hard to read.

August 24th, 2023

Thanks for a new follower and 1,800 views.

Well... this cursed summer continues to get worse and worse... I woke up this morning to the news that Vesper Noir and Magni Dezmond are graduating. Vesper is my #1 favorite oshi, my fave vtuber, my fave vtuber husbando... I love Magni, too. I'm devasated...

This is all coming hot off of Taka Radjiman and Mysta Rias graduating, too. That's four of my favorites leaving all over the course of only 3 months! And Vespie and Magni aren't even having graduating streams...

This has been an awful summer. Not only for losing four of my favorite streamers but just for so many other reasons too.

Even so, I'll still include ALL my vtuber boys, graduated or not, once I get around to that section... maybe by the time that section opens I'll not be crying over it...

The good news is I read a really great romance novel recently. The title was 'The Veil of Night' by Lydia Joyce... it was a great period gothic romance taking place in the 1850s. Reading that was a wonderful time. I may include a section on this site where I simply post about the romance novels I read.

Thank you for visiting... I'm grateful to have my husband and great friends to get me through this cruel summer.

I could really use some of Magni-sama's copium today...

August 11th, 2023

Thanks for 1,500 views!

Not many updates to make. I haven't had much time to work on the website. Lately, when I do go to work on it, sometimes Neocities doesn't save properly and doesn't show new edits for ages.

Have you seen the new banner in Fire Emblem Heroes? Oh my G O D S.... Butler Sigurd & Ferdinand?! I could've gotten a nosebleed. Nintendo should have put a warning on it. I'll definitely be posting images when I get around to the (massive...) Fire Emblem section.

August 4th, 2023

Thanks for 1,200 views and to my new follower!

I 100%'d Pikmin 4 and I really loved it. I also bought Wrath of the Righteous and got back to work on my RPG Maker game! I'll work on this shrine when I can of course.

I started watching Gundam 00. There are a lot of cute boys in it. I think that a yaoi artist worked on some of the character designs if I remember correctly so that explains that. I'm watching it with my husband and a Gundam-loving friend; this year I've mostly focused on reading books on my to-be-read list so anime has kinda fallen by the wayside unfortunately. That said, I also re-read the manga Godchild, which was a favorite of mine many an age ago. I got all 8 volumes for pretty cheap online.

I went to a local anime event with a friend last weekend, too. The local cosplay group invited people to put up tables and basically have a "geeky garage/yard sale". I wound up with a lot of fun stuff including some I7 buttons, the Hetalia movie, four volumes of Otomen (very excited to revisit this manga!), a Little Mermaid puzzle, and a lot more. I'm hoping to put the puzzle together with my husband.

Maybe I should have a section of the website dedicated to some of the figures, pins, and posters I own of husbandos and such. Actually, I own a backpack devoted to my favorite male characters.

I'm looking for more fun stuff to put on the website. Back in the day, I knew all sorts of websites that had widgets and other silly things to put on a website. Some of them are even still up which was very surprising! However, I was sad to find out Project Playlist no longer seems to be around, as I was hoping to add some music to this page since so many of my boys have image songs or are singers.

July 26th, 2023

Thank you for 1,000 views! Editing this website and gushing about characters has been a blast. I'll be taking a break from working on the site however because I just got Pikmin 4 lmao

I'm sure my husband will want the TV sometimes for Final Fantasy 16 and I hate playing in handheld mode so I can likely do some work during those times, though I've also got some reading and some work to catch up on as well

July 24rd, 2023

My real-life husband linked me to Neocities a few days ago. I have long loved the old internet and dearly miss it, especially people making their own webpages! The best webpages back then were the ones people made for anime and the anime characters they love. So, this is a tribute to the anime shrines of the past. It's just something fun for me to do on the side...

So, what is this all about? My name is Sebastian. I am a lover of men. Girls can be nice, too... especially if they're dressed as men like Lady Oscar or Haruka Tenoh... but for me I am a deep lover of the male form. For the time being I will not be featuring female characters here.

This site is a shrine to my favorite male characters.

What kind of men do I like...? Just about any, so long as he's fully-grownup. On this site you'll find my unabashed love for idol singers, mecha pilots, detectives, middle-aged men, skinny men, fat men, heroes, villains, athletes, aliens, vampires, arrogant rich men, goth boys, monster boys, robots, magicians, muscular men, femboys, pathetic men, men with glasses, princes, swordsmen... there are too many beautiful men in this world to enjoy.

All the pictures I use will be official art, with extremely few exceptions. Any fanart posted will be credited if possible. (At the current time I only plan to use fanart for Cookie Run, Vtuber, and Vocaloid characters)

Please be warned that I am unashamedly horny and use strong language. Though I am royalty, strong language is sometimes the only way I can communicate my love. Please don't enter if you don't want to hear me talk about how badly I want to sleep with some of these characters...

Who am I? I am Sebastian, and I am a prince. By royal decree, please enjoy the variety of handsome men I have to offer, and sign Sebastian's Royal Guestbook

Auf Wiedersehen for now...